Distrib Warehouse management system

Distrib warehouse management system

Distrib WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a WMS specifically developed for industries with fresh product distribution.

These are environments where:

  • Customer orders arrive late in relation to the time of delivery
  • Products are produces just before they have to be shipped and leave the warehouse
  • Product availability is not known beforehand or does not match exactly the customer requirements. Distrib can recalculate picking activities based on real time information to optimize order fulfilment and customer satisfaction.
  • Orders are places multiple times per day

Big productivity and accuracy improvements can be achieved with Distrib Warehouse Management System in these enviroments.

The Distrib Warehouse Management System software suite consists of multiple modules including;

Put to Light

Distrib Put to Light for fresh Bakeries

The baking industry standard for paperless order dispatching

Pcdata distrib is the industry standard for paperless dispatching and order tracking. Pcdata’s Distrib replaces traditional paper-based shipping systems to capture customer and order data, necessary for loading and shipment of product to customers. Put To lIght is proven to improve order filling accuracy AND shipping productivity. Modular in design, Distrib allows adoption of technology at the level your organization is ready for.

Set yourself apart from the competition with fast and accurate order fulfillment, reduced labor costs, minimal training for new employees, and accurate, on-time deliveries for your customers.

Add on modules such as Distrib Performance Manager allows further optimization of the shipping operation. Track on-time delivery and employee performance in real time.

Intuitively easy to use, Pcdata’s Distrib uses Pick-to-Light technology that eliminates possible language barriers and allows new or temporary staff to become productive with minimal training.

Pick-to-Light technology is proven to increase order fulfilling productivity by up to 50%. Pick-to-Light technology also improves order fulfillment accuracy. Customers receive what they ordered, on-time.

As transactions are recorded real time, order processing administration and ‘unaccounted for’ is virtually eliminated. You will know when every order was processed, employee assigned to fulfillment and when it left the facility.

Distrib is also very flexible, scalable and through 25 years of development, highly customizable to your needs and wants. Find out what 100’s already have; Pcdata’s Distrib really does the job!



  • THE paperless order fulfillment solution for the baking industry
  • Modular and expandable—right for today, ready for tomorrow
  • Highly customizable order prioritization
  • Customize for plant, distribution center, or depot level



  • Improves shipping efficiency and productivity by up to 50%
  • Improves accuracy, reduces ‘Unaccounted For’
  • Significantly reduced administration needs
  • Real time track & trace of orders / inventory
  • Intuitively easy to use
  • Over 100 installations in the US alone and growing fast

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Info: Put to Light

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Pick to Light

Distrib Pick to Light

Distrib Pick to Light is Pcdata’s solution for bakeries that pick orders on a highly detailed level, for a large range of (customer) delivery points and with restricted number of SKU. In comparison to our Distrib Put to Light solution, in this picking variant product is static and the customer order is moved past the product locations, with display units mounted on each of the product positions to aid the operators in their picking process.

Typically, the product locations will be split up in multiple zones, enabling multiple pickers to work simultaneously, completing various customer orders in sequence based on an estafette process. Once all products are available from production and product locations are filled, the picking process can be started.

After starting, a customer pick order will light up the displays on each of the required product locations in the first picking zone. The operator is further assisted by a zone-display which shows relevant information about the order to pick, such as customer (order) number, route number, number of pick locations to visit and number of baskets and/or units to pick. These numbers will decrement for each confirmed pick, showing real-time progress for each operator in his zone.

Each customer order will be marked with one or more customer identification slips (or stack labels) for identification purposes and as the customer order is passing by the product locations, the order is fulfilled gradually. After confirming the last product pick for a customer, various processes for quality checking, printing of delivery notes, crate counting can be started, after which the finished customer order can either be staged or loaded directly.

The Distrib Pick to Light solution is mainly suitable in environments, where route departure times allow for a sequential completion of customer orders. By deploying the Distrib Pick to Light solution, foot print for the Picking system can be reduced to a bare minimum. Furthermore, the system enables bakeries to grow their customer portfolio or shipped volumes without having to expand the system.

Info: Pick to Light

Case study: Pick to Light at Berlys


Performance Manager / Performance Dashboard

Distrib Performance Manager & Performance Dashboard


Maximize warehouse productivity


Distrib Performance Manager and Performance Dashboard are indispensable tools for those who want to take the guess work out of managing a shipping operation. Performance Manager provides real time data on critical KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) shipping manager will want at the ready. It shows at a glance if the operation is running on time or behind schedule. Labor can be scheduled and re-assigned real time, based on actual order fill status.
Performance Dashboard shows the shop floor team how they are performing against the days plan. The dashboards can also be used to display other critical information, such as truck schedule changes.

Performance Manager


  • Full traceability of product and Inventory (stock) reporting at SKU level
  • Recall reporting
  • User level reporting (who did wat, performance vs target, errors, etc)
  • Operation level reporting (progress against target, estimated finish time, etc)
  • Delivery performance reporting (order fill, shortages, cuts, etc)
  • Detailed labor scheduling function, using customer ordering patterns, SKU take-up, walking distances and full crate / unit picking. Used for both operational scheduling as well as strategic (forecasted) scheduling


  • Evaluate your warehouse operation on a day-to-day basis, using standardized reporting and KPI’s based on factual information
  • Increased visibility and control on all aspects of the operation
  • Identify potential bottlenecks and identify Continuous Improvement Activities

Warehouse management system

Performance Dashboard 


  • Informs management teams and their employees about work progress
  • Shows planned and expected completion time based on actual performance
  • Compares team performances in different dispatch streets
  • Informs work floor about any unexpected developments
  • Potential to add specific messages, which can be updated on-the-fly such as Truck Departure Schedule, Scrolling Information, bar, etc.


  • Increased productivity
  • A motivated and involved team
  • Rapid communication with the work floor without being forced to stop working
  • Optimal customer satisfaction

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Brochure Performance Manager:


Location Manager

Dynamic pick face calculation – Distrib Location Manager module

Distrib Location Manager is an additional module for Distrib that dynamically optimizes the warehouse layout based on actual volumes to be despatched.

Location Manager can automatically adjust storage size (width and depth) per customer (delivery) point or route in such a way that space utilization is greater than 95%. On delivery days with less volume or fewer delivery points this space optimization feature reduces walking distances or floor usage and labor costs accordingly.

Based on set parameters such as customer groups, routes, drop sequence within a route and volume, the tool dynamically assigns customer (delivery) points to positions in the warehouse.

The tool offers additional functionality for planning purposes, with the possibility to simulate floor layouts based on forecast orders and/or percentage-wise increasing or decreasing daily order volumes.

Within the tool it is possible to create fixed customer positions for specific customer (delivery) points or routes in case required; except for these particular customers, all other customers are dynamically assigned on a daily basis. With this function it is also possible to create bulk orders either manually (by assigning multiple customer orders on 1 Put to Light display) or automatically, by using set parameters.

location manager

Production Count

The Distrib Production Count Module enables bakeries to receipt-in and capture production output, directly at the end of the production packaging lines or at warehouse entry point. Industrial terminals will be installed to process output from production lines, receiving locations for inbound product from sister bakeries or 3rd party (purchased) product.

For every product received, the Distrib WMS module will register the quantities, time&date and will assign a destination. The software provides live visibility including forecast and final orders. Updated automatically, the system not just registers but also advises next tasks for operators.

To simplify the process, the solution offers functionality to book product by standard quantities such as stack, basket & unit, pallet or differently. This can be defined per product and can be changed / maintained as part of the configuration.

To further enhance the production booking process, specific information such as origin of product (i.e. production line, slicer number, production batch or lot-information) can be added. The possibility to add a Best Before Date (based on standard offset or entered manually) is available. This information will remain available throughout the entire process for traceability purposes.

Allocation process

In addition to the receipting function, the software will also allocate product to a certain destination, based on pre-defined rules and settings. This removes the need for double handling of the product and multiple entries into different systems.

In general, product will be assigned to

  1. Bulk Shipments (Inter-bakery movements)
  2. End despatch ‘’streets’’
  3. Stock (inventory) if no orders are available. Stock can be managed for multiple sales dates or product date codes, with product automatically assigned to each specific date as required

Typically, for each finished (full or partial) production stack, a barcode label with content and destination data will be printed. This tag will be applied to the stack for further identification purposes.

Dock Manager

Dock Manager controls truckloading reducing “Unaccounted for”

Control your loading process

Dock Manager gives you complete control over the loading docks, no matter the amount of activity going on, or number of trucks being loaded at the same time reducing “Unaccounted for”.

The software at the heart of the Dock Manager application is intuitively easy to use. The main screen provides At-a-Glance door and loading progress status.

The intuitively easy to navigate user interface makes assigning door destination(s), or diagnosing an issue a matter of a simple few clicks. A load manifest is generated automatically when a truck is dispatched.

Be up to date of what was loaded and shipped and stay in control throughout with Pcdata’s Dock Manager. Dock Manager automatically registers and controls truck loading. Load manifests are generated automatically and 100% accurate.


  • Scan of all products loaded into trucks
  • Each scan validated against delivery confirmation in system
  • Instant audio visual feedback on (in) correctness of product load
  • Loading details; amount, SKUs, timestamp
  • 100% compatible with other Distrib modules


  • Full tracebility of product / orders loaded and shipped
  • Prevents truck loading mistakes
  • Automatic, accurate load manifest generation
  • Full reconciliation of products dispatched versus products loaded
  • Track and trace product to truck dispatch

Brochure Dockmanager:


Proof of Delivery

Close the loop: Automatic Proof of Delivery

100% validation of your product deliveries

With the increasing demand for suppliers to replenish stores or depots outside regular store hours, the ability to check these product deliveries decreases. Most “customers” don’t want to make staff available to check product deliveries outside regular hours. Suppliers on the other hand want to ensure that all filled orders are delivered in full and at the correct location.

Pcdata’s Proof of Delivery (POD) application enables 100% proof of delivery for goods at specific customer locations without the need for “customer” staff to be available at site during delivery.

POD is an extension to Pcdata’s Dock Manager application. Dock Manager controls and registers the proper loading of vehicles, POD will check and control the unloading of product at the destination. POD will check what and how much to unload and will verify the unload location.

In addition, both operator and supervisor will be alerted when product is unloaded incorrectly or is left on the trailer where it should be offloaded.

POD integrates with Distrib and Dock Manager, is very simple and straightforward to deploy and does not need any additional WAN or LAN infrastructure at the delivery locations. Dock Manager handheld

In order for Bakers to follow the Safe Quality Food Program Certification Bakers need to know exactly which products have been delivered at a specific locations. A system like Proof of Delivery is critical for this purpose.

• Deliveries are validated through barcode scan at drop
• Each scan is validated against delivery information in the system
• The system alerts when an incorrect stack is unloaded or product is missing
• PDA based software suite

• Full loading details; amount, SKUs timestamp
• Prevents delivery mistakes
• Track and trace orders to delivery
• Full reconciliation of product shipped v product delivered
• Automatic ETA delivery notification to customer through ASN, EDI or Email
• Eliminates ‘Unaccounted For’

Brochure Proof of Delivery:


Distrib Augmented Reality (AR)

The lastest addition to pcdata product portfolio for paperless picking solution in the baking industry is the Distrib AR solution.
With this Distrib AR solution, investment in IT infrastructure is reduced to an absolute minimum, while all benefits of implementing the Distrib paperless order picking solution, supported by visual indicators, are gained; labour reduction, increase in accuracy and increased visibility and control.
This makes the solution extremely applicable to install in smaller operations or warehouses which demand greater flexibility (for example temporary locations or warehouses with a lot of fluctuating demand).
What is it? The Distrib AR module is based on Augmented Reality, with the use of wearable mobile technology (Smart Glasses). The solution offers similar high-performance, hands-free guided picking operation as with the standard Put & Pick to Light solution, however without the need for fixed structures and initial investment in hardware.

In a typical Put-away process, customer or delivery points are assigned to a position in the warehouse. Upon product availability, operators will take the product and walk past the customer locations, dropping required product at each
location whenever there is a demand. Instead of guiding the operator with displays mounted above these customer locations, the operator will now wear a Smart Glass, which is a safety glass with a small screen and a camera.
On each drop location, a printed Marker (in A3 or A4 format) with position number or even customer ID will be available. Whenever distributing product, the operator will look at the location Markers and the smartpick App (the app on
the Smart Glass) recognises the Market and it’s encoded position. The App will then show the operator how many products he/she has to drop on each location. If the operator is looking at a location Marker, for which no product is needed, the App will show the operator that this location can be bypassed. The Smart Glass will also inform the operator of the location of the next drop; next
to this the App also indicates the progress of the picking activity in a progress bar. In an environment with a number of locations next to each other, the operator can see up to 5 positions simultaneously, offering him the possibility to
plan his next actions.

The Smart Glass is fully integrated in the Distrib suite, offering bakeries all functionalities to improve their existing dispatching process. The Distrib AR solution is a self-supporting solution for up to 50 locations, developed specifically with bakery operations in mind. It records all dispatch transactions, making it easy to accurately establish how and when the orders have been fulfilled and to reconcile against production numbers. Distrib AR main benefits include
– Elimination of ‘’unaccounted for’’
– Real-time track & trace of order fulfilment
– 20-50% proven efficiency improvement versus paper
based order fulfilment
– Standardized way of working drives quality of delivery
– No IT hassle or need for electrician to get started

This makes the solution extremely applicable to install in smaller operations or warehouses which demand greater flexibility (for example temporary locations or warehouses with a lot of fluctuating demand).

Distrib AR augmented reality

Brochure Distrib AR: