Solutions / Products: Pick To Light

Pick to light is the fastest and most accurate picking system for fast moving products with short to medium shelf life. Pcdata delivers standalone pick to light systems as well as integrated WCS solutions including pick to light technology. Our PTL hardware and modules are also availble OEM for 3rd parties.


Solutions / Products: PickCart

PickCart is Pcdata's innovative multi order picking solution which will rapidly reduce your order assembly time in a high SKU count, low volume warehouse operation. Designed to maximize efficiency during the picking process, our PickCart is mounted with the latest route optimization software, ensuring the lowest possible distance is travelled by operators.


Solutions / Products: Put to Light

Put to Light is the fastest and most accurate manual sortation system for fast moving products. Pcdata delivers standalone Put to Light systems as well as systems to expand automated systems to a greater detail picking level. Our Put to Light hardware and modules are also availble OEM for 3rd parties.


Solutions / Products: WMS

Distrib Warehouse Manager is Pcdata's Warehouse Management System (WMS) especially developed for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Big efficiency improvements can be realized in environments where customer orders arrive very late in relation to the time of delivery or where customer orders are placed multiple times per day.


Solutions / Products: Integrated Solutions

Pcdata, your system integrator. Pcdata delivers a total warehouse solution including racking, conveyors and other intralogistic automation with related technologies, including professional overall project management. If you prefer a single point of contact, a single partner responsible for the project execution and total solution, Pcdata is your partner.


Solutions / Products: OEM Hardware

Pcdata's high quality, european manufactured, modular Pick and Put to Light hardware is available for OEM applications offering multiple options for interfacing and data communication.


Solutions / Products: Distrib Augmented Reality (AR)

With this solution, investment in IT infrastructure is reduced to an absolute minimum, while all benefits of implementing the Distrib paperless order picking solution, supported by visual indicators, are gained.


Market segments: Retail Distribution

Retail distribution is about responsive replenishment and maintaining stock levels in stores. Customers want their orders delivered daily and accurate. Pcdata has delivered systems in many industries including: Cosmetics, Food Supplements, Fashion, Grocery, Media and Specialty stores


Market segments: E-commerce fulfillment

Pcdata’s has developed order fulfillment solutions specifically engineered to meet the unique challenges of this continuously growing market segment that will increase the productivity, accuracy and flexibility of any E-Commerce order fulfillment operation.


Market segments: 3rd Party Logistics

3PL solution providers close short time contracts with their customers. Low investment, short payback times and also the ability to re-configure and reuse our systems in different configurations make Pcdata partner of choice for many global 3PL's


Market segments: Bakery

Pcdata's logistics roots lay in the baking industry, we have installed more than 1000 WMS and orderpicking systems worldwide in bakeries all sizes.


Market segments: Food distribution & Food services

As Pcdata has its roots in baking, both Grocery and Food Service distribution are a natural fit for our products and solutions. Delivery times are reduced, while both productivity and picking accuracy increases. New employees can operate the system within minutes and can match required productivity numbers within a day.


Market segments: Assembly

Pcdata has developed fulfillment solutions specifically engineered to meet the unique challenges of built to order manufacturing environments and the continuously growing assembly market segment that will increase the productivity and accuracy of any company operation.


Bakeries: Paperless Dispatch

Manufacturing 24 hrs, shipping in bulk to other warehouses or DC's. Pcdata's Distrib controls your product flow from packaging to delivery always finding the most efficient path managing demands, production levels and timing, adding automation only when it makes sense.


Bakeries: DC Floor Space Utilization

Pcdata's Bakery WMS system Distrib controls your DC completely from receiving to loading. Warehouse layout can be generated automatically based on orders, various paperless dispatch systems make your orderpicking efficient and accurate, dock manager makes sure the right truck is loaded correctly at the right time.


Bakeries: Reducing "unaccounted for"

If your bakery has to handle lot's all small customer orders which might vary from day to day or if your shipping area does not have enough space to manage all orders; we have all the tools to maximize orderpicking speed and floor space


Bakeries: EQuipment Tracking (EQT)

Loosing equipment like Baskets, Crates and Dollies seems to be the the most obscure problem in the baking industry. Our Distrib Product EQT allows to track all equipment through the delivering supply chain enabling to map what is loaded, delivered and returned to and from every shipping destination.


Bakeries: Capturing Production

Pcdata Distrib's software can handle lot tracking from your production line up until final delivery at the customer. No matter whether finished products will shipped in full pallets or mixed and combined in picking operations, lot data of shipments will remain know across the entire delivery supply chain.


Bakeries: Track and Trace

Pcdata's Dockmanager is a unique system to control and verify truck and trailer loading automatically. Incorrect loading will be detected, load manifest will be generated automatically and the truck loading and departure schedule can be managed and updated using real time data. Next to that, product receiving can also be handled by dock manager. All of this works real time fully automatically with real time notification and without any delay's.


Case studies

'Lighting up' some of our customers over the world! You will find a selection of our case studies and references by clicking the more button. On the next slides we highlight our latest released Case Studies.


Case study: Holland & Barrett (NBTY Europe) Previously De Tuinen

Holland & Barrett is Europe's leading retailer of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements.


Case study: Alpheios

Alpheios is one of the largest companies in the Benelux area, selling commercial cleaning products, developing commercial cleaning systems and providing professional strategies.


Case study: Bakers Norway

Norway's biggest chain of bakeries


Bakery Evertzberg has decided to start using the Pcdata Smart Glasses

Hovis rolls out Distrib Dock Manager solution to support new customer strategy

Vacancy at Pcdata Inc.; Business Analyst

New Pcdata display technology at IBIE 2016

Bakehuset Norway completes roll out Distrib WMS/Put to Light solution


New Distrib release: Distrib 4.16

Picking at the speed of light (or sound)

IBIE Las Vegas

Performance Dashboard reduces costs and improves scheduling capabilities at Borgesius

Fazer integrates Estonian distribution in their Latvia site with support of Distrib WMS

ICT & Logistiek 2016 Utrecht

Südback Stuttgart 2016

Modern Bakery Moscow

Corporate Social Responsibility: Pcdata Talentforumpartner Roda JC


About us

  • Established in 1988
  • Global supplier of visual orderpicking solutions like Pick and Put to Light in many industries
  • Global market leader and specialist in WMS and Supply Chain Solutions for the baking industry
  • Install base of more than 1000 systems worldwide
  • 24/7 global support
  • In house software and hardware development
  • High quality standards


Head office

  • Located in Kerkrade, The Netherlands
  • Install base of more than 1000 systems worldwide
  • Product development and innovation
  • 24/7helpdesk including local support
  • Sales and account management
  • Project management and system implementations worldwide


Pcdata USA

  • US Head office located in East Granby, CT, USA
  • Install base of more than 200 systems in North America
  • 24/7 helpdesk including local support
  • Sales and account management
  • Project management and system implementations for North America


Management team:

  • Marius Schueler, CEO
  • Eric Peters, Business Development
  • Ruud Hendrix, Sales & Marketing
  • Bart Lenssen, Operations
  • Bonny Korver, Finance
  • Marc Braun, Pcdata USA